James Bridle: New Dark Age

The book New Dark Age describes the complex entanglements between technology and climate change, surveillance, conspiracy theories, scientific progress, history and historical accounts, power and power relations.

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Bill Fox: The Future of the Workplace

In his book The Future of the Workplace: Insights and Advice from 31 Pioneering Business and Thought Leaders, Bill Fox looks for answers (and questions) in an interview series with 31 business leaders and practitioners about how work and workplaces can become meaningful for everyone in the future. Out of these conversations emerges an image of a human-centred workplace, in which every person can thrive, find meaning and contribute to corporate goals and achieve her/his personal purposes.

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Kao, Hong, Perusse, Sheng: Turning Silicon into Gold

Turning Silicon into Gold: The Strategies, Failures and Evolution of the Tech Industry is an accessible collection of case studies about the rise and fall of some major technology companies mainly from the iconic Silicon Valley. Covering a wide range of topics from brilliant strategic moves, but also utter failures, up to viral marketing campaigns, innovation and philosophic aspects of technology, this book can serve as food for thought for managers, entrepreneurs, students and consumers alike.

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Daniel Kahneman: Thinking, Fast and Slow

In his book Thinking, Fast and Slow Daniel Kahneman offers a fascinating insight on how the human mind works. The book presents Kahneman’s understanding of judgement and decision-making and is underpinned by a rich collection of psychological discoveries, some being his own achievements, others signed by other scientists.

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